Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Old place, same taste

The feeling was nostalgic when one has  to dine in one of the famous Chinese eating spots in Kuching, Lau Ya Keng. This place did not change much over the years.

I used to come here frequently as a child. I vividly remember we loved to come here on Saturday night for its fish or chicken porridge or lunch of tang hoon soup (glass noodle soup), laksa or kueh chap on Sunday.

It could be pretty stuffy and warm when the place was packed but somehow the crowds did not mind the heat. They still enjoyed their food and chit-chatting.

Few Sundays ago, for the very first time, me and my family came here for lunch. My kids' very first lunch in Lau Ya Keng, Carpenter Street. Let them taste the authentic and old taste of some Kuching's famous specialties in one of the oldest eating spots.

We were lucky to find a vacant table as the place was packed to the brim. One has to wait patiently at the side of the table, waiting for the patrons to finish their food and leave.

So, we seated and ordered what we wanted for lunch. Thankfully we did not waited too long. And it so happened we bumped into my brother who tapaued tang hoon soup for lunch there while we were eating!!

Since we seated next to the pork satay stall, we ordered 10 pieces of pork satay (RM8) as starter. They have ketupat too but we did not order that.

I loved the satay. Tender and juicy but the best part was its warm peanut gravy. So, so good.

Hubby and I initially wanted the pork leg rice but they did not serve rice that Sunday so we had kueh chap instead from the same stall.

I remember we did enjoyed our kueh chap on our visit last year. However this round, the kueh chap soup was way too salty to my liking!! An overdose of salt, I thought! 

The kids went for Kuching kolo mee. They would never bored of kolo mee. If I were not mistaken, this bowl of kolo mee was RM4. So much "liew" in it.


  1. Eyeing the satay... Looks so yummy!!

  2. Used to be one of my favourite places in the 70's. Have not been for a long time. What I do not like is how they have different things at different times of day. Can't expect people to go so many times in one day to eat what one wants. Parking in that area is also such a pain.

  3. ah i long time i did not eat satay d.looks tasty. too bad the dish is too salty. they should control the salt better.

  4. The pork satay looks good! The kolo mee is so loaded and yet cost only RM4. Unbelievable!

  5. The food looks amazing, Rose ^.^
    I can imagine how it feels to walk down memory lane..

  6. I can still remember i 1st come across kueh chap is in Penang when my friend ordered that.

    Food looks so yummy leh.

  7. I love satays...must go to my favourite stall soon. Lol! The kolo mee looks good!

  8. I love pork satay, craving for it now, the Kolo mee looks good too with so much liew, got pig liver too, I like

  9. Wow the pork satay really looks good. Makes me crave for them at this hour >_<