Friday, January 8, 2016

Before it ended

That Sunday evening before schools reopened, we went to this M2 Seafood Restaurant for dinner. A rare occasion where I don't cook and we dine out. Let just say, a family dinner to remember an awesome holiday right before it ended with kids going back to school.

It rained almost the whole day that day. So we decided to sit inside the restaurant rather than at the roof-erected space at the side of the restaurant.

We basically had the whole restaurant to ourselves as all the patrons were seated outside. Maybe they prefer the cooling breeze of the evening while my kids insisted on sitting in the restaurant. Thankfully for that as we were bitten by mosquito even in the restaurant. Cannot imagine how it felt to be seated outside!

For our starter, we had this well-fried fu-yong omelette which we enjoyed very much that evening. Moist inside while it was well-seasoned and full of ingredients.

This stir-fried venison with ginger was nice to have on a cold evening. The thick gravy goes so well with white rice. I love ginger so I did not mind they added a lot of gingers in this dish. The venison was not too tough so it was a good dish.

This vegetable dish was worth trying as we ordered it for the first time at the captain's recommendation. This 4-emperors with salted egg yolk was very good and appetizing. Not a disappointment at all.

Lastly we have this steamed cod fish to complete our dinner. The fish slices were really fresh, sweet and tasty. Only complaint was the gravy was over-dosed with salt/MSG/seasoning.

Overall our dinner plus drink cost not more than RM100. Not overly charged, I personally think so.

The receipt as proof. Of course, need to minus out hubby's cigarette pack. ^^

That evening everyone went to bed around 9pm in anticipation of the 1st day of school the next day. Hubby took a day leave to bring Jay to his class on his 1st day. Jay was anxious and fearful of the new environment initially but hubby assured him that everything would be fine. I even go to see him during recess and he was doing fine. It happens that he has a friend from his kindergarden and he also talked and played with other students.

So I guess he is alright in school.

With his sis

1st day in school


  1. That's a nice dinner to end the weekend as well as the holidays! I had a busy weekend as my process attending her first day at school but glad everything turns out fine!

  2. Back to school. Great! Have a nice school time..

  3. So cheap! Food looks great too!!! I would choose to sit outside too if it is nice and airy. All I need is a ceiling fan, no need for aircon.

  4. Just give me the omelette and vege and I will be good to go. Good for Jay who did alright on his day 1 at school.

  5. I like all the dishes you had for dinner. An exciting day for the children. Jay will be fine especially with his friend to accompany him.

  6. What a nice way to end the holidays - with a good meal together!
    The kids are growing up so fast. :)

  7. I like the fu yong omelette, vege and fish

  8. Now back to normal routine with your family... fetching kids to and from school... wow, thinking back, it has been a long time since I did that... Miss the good young days!

  9. I'm a fan of fuyong omelette too, but haven't ordered for quite a while. That reminds me........ heehee! xoxo

  10. Wow! The fish looks delicious! :)

    Do you know what it's called? It doesn't look like tapah, but it looks very delicious.

    Yeah, I like the four emperor vegetables too but some places make it toooo oily. Cooking it with salted egg sounds nice though! This looks like a dinner I'll totally be down with, missed eating stuff like this.

    1. It is cod fish.

      I agreed that some places cook the four emperor vege with too much oil. I like this saltes egg version.