Sunday, November 19, 2017

How it goes

Exam is done and dusted. Kids are enjoying the rest of the remaining school days before the year end holiday begins.

Kids bring and play games (like Snake&Ladder, chess, aeroplane board games) in classes, join some friendly competition and play monkeys around teachers.

For some reasons, I have made some adjustments when it comes to my kids' enrichment classes and tuition schedule.

Last month, Jay had his last piano lesson. He has learned for over 2 years but somehow he does not show much interest in learning so after talking to his piano teacher, we decided to stop his lesson. I bet he was very relieved not to play on the piano anymore. Theoritically, he can master the notes but he does not show enthuasiasm in practising on the piano. Hopefully he will pick up again some day since there is a piano at home and the sister can encourage him to play anytime.

Last month, Jan also joined in a pra-UPSR BM tuition on Tuesday evening. She is average in her BM; scoring 60 and 72 marks for both papers. I wanted her to expand her knowledge and learn more from tuition in preparation for her next year's UPSR exam.

As expected, Jay did not do that well in Chinese and BM subject. Quite worrying as he could not catch up with both languages well.  I found him a home-based tuition teacher who can do a BM 1-to-1 session with him. He just started this month. As for Chinese, I need to speak to his current Chinese tutor on improvement or maybe find him a 1-to-1 tutor that willing to help him.

Their arts class is going to end this month as to give way to their school activities and tuition next year.  We will see how things go in 2018.

Ok, all said, I couldn't wait for our family holiday now!! ^^ I bet everyone feels the same. Time to enjoy the year end season.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Miscellaneous Picture #73:Rose apple, birthday, kids, holiday

  • My favourite fruit is in season! Big, juicy and sweet. I love rose apple.
  • A little birthday party for my hubby in his office for his 40th birthday.
  • Jan done well in her year end exam. She got 3rd place in her class for the overall academic performance and will collect her trophy next week during the Award Day. One more to add to her collection. 
  • Last week she brought home a hamper for a 2nd place in a story writing competition in her school. She shared her hamper with her brothers. 
  • Jamie sure loves this pink sunglasses. I think he looked cute in them.
  • Next year he would be in K1 (5 years old class). Gosh. It felt like yesterday I held him in my arms in the delivery room and next year he is going to a full day class in kindergarden. 
  • Start to bring out our luggages so we could pack for our family holiday.  Oh boy, I couldn't wait.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pinoy lunch

It has been more than 2 years since we had been to Pinoy ihaw-ihaw for Filipino cuisine.

So on hubby's birthday, we went there for lunch after the church service. Initially he wanted to go to Tracy's kitchen (the next row after Ambank in Padungan) for its Hakka braised duck (lo ark), but it wasn't open that Sunday. So we ended up in Pinoy since we were already in Padungan area.

There wasn't anyone there. We were the only table so basically we had the whole place to ourselves. Lol.

I had a glass of refreshing organic soya which I enjoyed as it was not too sweet.

We ordered 3 sets of this set lunch that consisted of roasted pork belly, a fried egg and garlic rice. It priced at either RM8 or RM9. I forgot the price already.

The thick pieces of pork belly were crispy and fatty with the fat layers but I were not crazy about it. Hubby liked it very much. As for the egg, it was disappointing as the yolk was over done. I prefer a runny egg but none of us had it that day.

Other than the set lunch, we also ordered 5 sticks of pork satay. RM3 per piece. I liked the satay more. Peppery and sweet chunks of pork.

Overall our lunch cost over RM60. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

The big man's favourite

Yesterday was my big man's birthday.  Happy 40th birthday, hubby!  Wishing you good health, wisdom, happiness and loves from me.

He does not like big celebration or hassle about his birthday, so like past years, I cooked him a simple homecooked meal consisting of his favourite dishes. So this year it would not be any exception.  A simple dinner for him last night.

His favourite vegetables, namely stir-fried midin and steamed lady fingers.  I added Hakka white rice wine to the midin for that extra flavor. For lady fingers, after steamed, I just toss some oiled garlic mince and oyster sauce on top.

I also had my "famous" deep-fried nam yue chicken wings which everyone loves so much. Fingers licking good to the bones!  Lol.

And this has got to be my man's all-time favourite soup.  Lotus root & peanuts pork rib soup.

I cook it almost every 2 weeks or at least once a week whenever we could find lotus roots in the market.  Some day I would just toss in peanuts and lotus roots with pork ribs into the slow cooker but other day, I would add more ingredients to give the soup tastier and more nourishing.

400g mix of pork ribs and soft bones
300g lotus roots, sliced
4-6 pitted red dates
2 dried scallops
1 carrot, sliced
Handful of peanuts
Salt to taste
Light soy sauce to taste
Parsley for garnishing

1. To soften the peanuts, soak and rinse them few times before toss into a pot of water.
2. Cook in the slow cooker for about 2 hours before add in the other ingredients. Blanch the pork ribs and soft bones first before adding into the slow cooker.
3. Cook further for another 1 or 1.5 hours until the meats are cooked and peanuts are soft.  Season with salt and light soy sauce.
4. Serve warm with parsley as garnishing.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Where I want to escape

A place where I could go to and away from the buzzing of the city.

I want to feel the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze with sand on my feet in a secluded spot of the beach.

After a nice walk in the beach, I would go for some fresh seafood like flower crabs.

But reality checks!! I am not staying near a beach. Just day-dreaming again! Thinking of a retirement plan with my man; going old with him in a retirement home in a beach! ^^

For now, I could just day-dreaming of going back to the beach again. Lol.

*photos taken in Sematan last month on a short drive there*

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Breakfast with her

I brought my mum to Mega Inn coffee shop (King's Centre) for breakfast after our market shopping in Kenyalang last week.

It has been a while since I had breakfast with her over here.

I had a glass of warm soya milk for RM1.40. Liked that they used nice mug for my drink. 

My mum had her usual whenever we were here. She had her fishballs mihun (RM5.50). They made the fishballs themselves so the fishballs were good and fresh.

As for me, I went for this fried mihun with cangkuk manis from the fried stall. RM5.00 for this plate of goodness. Not too oily, the muhun was well seasoned with bits of dried prawns, eggs and cangkuk manis.

That was our breakfast. And I also bought a pack of nasi lemak (RM5) from the nasi lemak stall for my lunch.  It was quite a portion; I hardly could finish it.

Monday, November 6, 2017

His first concert

Like any kindergarden goers, they have to go through and experience the year end graduation concert.

Jamie is not schooling today as the kindergarden declared a day off since last Saturday was its graduation concert.

It was held in Islamic Information Centre (near Swimburne University).

Jamie and his class performed one Chinese song that evening. He has been practising for weeks and how proud we were, seeing him up the stage and sang and danced away with his classmates.

While watching all the children's performances and graduation in the auditorium, they made me proud and in awe. Everyone is special in their own way. And they do grow up so fast.