Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Phuket | Christmas and shopping in Jungceylon

We spent more than an hour in Jungceylon, one of the best shopping malls in Phuket in the evening after our day tour.

It was a pinky Christmas in Jungceylon.  Loved the coned Christmas trees.
Amazing boat display on the street mall

The street mall was not that packed when we were there. 

Our only stop in Jungceylon was its supermarket, the Big C. So much to see and buy there. 

Ready to eat packs

Fried fishes and prawns

Salad bar


Durian, anyone??

Our loots from Big C.


More snacks

Condensed milk in convenient tube

Talcum and cup noodle

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Phuket | of temples

Continue our day out post. While we were in Phuket, we also covered 2 well-known temples in the island. Thailand is the world's most heavily Buddhist country and so it is not a surprise to see so many Buddhist temples within walking distance around Phuket. 

Wat Chalong which built in the 19th century is the largest in Phuket.
Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong

For burning firecrackers for good luck

Next, we visited the Big Buddha temple on the peak of Mount Nagakerd.

As we reached the top, Jamie dozed off so I stayed with him in the van while others continued their tour. I did managed to see the Big Buddha while on our way up.

Big Buddha statue

Hubby took few photos for me to see.

View from the peak

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Phuket | a day out

The next day after a good night sleep, everyone was excited to explore the beach. Just a 2 or 3 minutes walk from our hotel, we walked to Patong beach for a morning tour.

We were in one of the rooms

There are many beaches in Phuket and Patong is one of them. Beautiful seaview, and the sand was warm and white.
Patong beach

After spending a good 15 to 20 minutes, we continued our walk to the next block to meet our friends in their hotel for breakfast. The Coffee Club next to Lub-d hotel.



Ham and cheese sandwich

Wanton noodle soup

After breakfast, we departed in our assigned vans for a day tour in Phuket. First destination was the famous Khao Rang hill. It is a must-visit place to view the beautiful island on top of a hill.  It is one of the famous viewpoints on the island.

Khao Rang hill


The town

Next we went to old Phuket town for a walk in the Chinatown and lunch.

It was a warm morning and we walked for more than an hour looking and shopping in Chinatown.

~ to be continued ~

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Phuket | island getaway

And so we went. Our first family oversea getaway. It could be quite trying to bring 3 kids for a vacation but at the end of the day, everyone has good time and we get to spend some family and bonding time together.

We went to Phuket for a 5D4N holiday. It was actually hubby's uni friends get-together vacation. They chosen Phuket as the reunion destination and spouses and kids were welcomed to tag along.

Flew in on 1 December, we reached the beautiful island of Phuket just after 4pm. Our hotel, Capitano Beach Hotel was a budget lodge yet comfy and convenient place that is situated just few minutes walk from the Patong beach.

Not much of a view from the balcony. Surrounding by many eateries, bars, hotels and businesses alike, it was pretty noisy at night. And there was a shrine next my window!

After dumped our bags into our room and took a nice warm shower, we headed to hunt for food as we were hungry by then.  It was after 7pm Thai time.

After getting information from our friendly and helpful landlady, we walked down the road to this roadside food stall. We wanted local hawker food so we got it here.

Mini Thai Restaurant. It served authentic Thai dishes. Not only that, the food was tasty and reasonably priced.

Fried omelette TB50 and tom yum goong TB120

Tom yum goong

Garlic and pepper pork ribs TB120

Pad thai TB80

Fried pineapple rice TB150

My first meal in Phuket!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Holiday greetings from Phuket

Holiday greetings from the beautiful island of Phuket.

After my maiden Thailand holiday in Bangkok and Pattaya back in 2014, it feels good to be back to the Land of Smiles. Phuket. I always wanted to visit this well-known tourist spot all this time. And what better than to explore Phuket with my family.

We reached Phuket yesterday evening but we did caught a glimpse of the Patong beach while on our way to our hotel.

Now posting from our cozy hotel room, I have to agree that today is a lovely and nice day for some adventure. 

In a short while, we would be busy going around the island, visiting some of the tourist sites and eating the local delicacies under a pocketful of sunshine. Our Phuket getaway.

Ciao! Hopefully I would be able to update while in Phuket, otherwise I will see you when I am back in Malaysia. xoxo