Tuesday, October 17, 2017


We celebrated my niece's 1 year old birthday last Sunday in simple but lovely theme in New Chef's Delicious restaurant, Penrissen road.

I could vividly remember when my bro's daughter was born. And how time flies. She is turning 1!

Born in the year of monkey, the parents decided to have a monkey themed setting for the birthday girl.

We celebrated her Chinese birthday instead of the English date. I liked this photo of her.

So pink, so subtle. And look at all the goodies! 

Cute monkey cookies

And the children (including mine) could not wait to dig into the goodies after the birthday song and candle blowing were done. Lol.

We rented a room with karaoke set but no one was singing other than my boys who were monkeying over the microphones earlier. 6 tables in total as we only invited close friends and sil's family.

One must have eggs coloured in edible red colouring on one's birthday.

And a nice and tasty spread of buffet prepared by the restaurant. I only took the shots of the dishes after everyone had their share. Apparently still lots of leftover which I did bring some home for the next day.

The fried noodle was a hit. First glance it looked like vermicelli but it was in fact very thin noodle. I enjoyed the fried rice although it looked rather unappetizing but the taste was otherwise. Black pepper lamb and pandan chicken were my other favourites that evening.

Fried noodle

Fried rice with raisin

Black pepper lamb

Sweet and sour fish

Roasted duck

Fried chicken wings

Mixed vegetables

Pandan chicken

Monday, October 16, 2017

Burnt my lazy food

This got to be one of those days when I were super lazy to think of what to cook and actually get cooking in the kitchen. Most of the weekdays, only me and my kids at home while hubby seldom home for dinner. So most of the time, I will make something simple for our dinner.

One weekday, I make a one platter for dinner. My platter consisting of chicken chops, potatoes and Taiwan pork sausage platter. Of course not only this for dinner. I had spaghetti as well.

So my super lazy food that evening. And I almost burnt it as well. I used flip pan and I put the heat slightly higher than usual. Faster time but it turned out slightly burnt. But still tasty and moist. Just burnt on certain parts but still, no one complaining. Lol 

2 boneless chicken chop
3 Australian potatoes
8 Taiwan sausage
Mixed herbs (McCormicks)
Salt and pepper
3 garlic cloves, minced
Extra virgin olive oil
Parsley leaves

1. Marinate chicken chops in a bowl with olive oil, mixed herbs (about a tbsp), salt, pepper and garlic cloves. Leave for few hours in fridge before cooking.
2. Peel the skin of potatoes. Chop into smaller pieces and marinate with salt, pepper and olive oil.
3. Thaw the Taiwan sauage. Heat up the flip pan in medium heat. Add olive oil into the pan. When it is hot, add the sausage and close the lid. Let it cook for few minutes on both sides before dish out.
4. In the same flip pan, add some more of olive oil and put chicken chop with skin down. Add potato cubes around the chicken chop.
5. Close the lid and let it cook for about 10 minutes before flipping over and coom for another 10 minutes.
6. Dish out and serve in a plate. Garnish with some chopped parsley leaves.

Friday, October 13, 2017


It is school holiday again. Deepavali holiday for the children and it means I am stuck with mine for the rest of next week.  Thankfully only 2 of them; the youngest has his classes in kindergarden as well as his assessment exam next week.

It wouldn't be anything relaxing during the school holiday as Jan and Jay have to study for the upcoming year end examination which is starting end of this month. So this Deepavali holiday comes at the right time and my kids can get some revision time at home. And oh boy, I could not wait for it to be over with! Then everyone can shout "Merdeka!" and really enjoy the rest of the year in good, joyial and relaxing mood.

Last Sunday, we had a relaxing time spent in the mall. We planned to catch a movie. Blade Runner. I went online to purchase the tickets while we had our brunch in the morning. 

Then we spent few hours at home before we went out around 1230pm to the mall for our movie. 

However our movie plan was not as we planned as the cinemas started to implement censory rules. Children below 18 are not allowed to watch any movies labelled "18". So after much consideration and explanation, we had to choose another movie to watch. Ended up we watched this Taiwanese movie "Turn around".

Surprisingly it was a heart-warming movie and I shed some tears through the screening. Everyone enjoyed the movie although it wasn't what we wanted to watch in first place.

Our initial movie plan was 2pm but we changed to this new movie time at 3pm. We had some times to kill so we went around the mall for a walk and shopping. I got myself new footwear. Not one but 2 pairs since it was on offer. Carlo Rino, 2 pairs for RM99. I thought it was a good price as I like the comfy and practicality of CR brand.

We did have our lunch before the movie. Kenny Rogers Roaster.  As usual, we had a set of its quarter roasted chicken and same tine we ordered 2 sets of its new dish. OMG unfried fried chicken.

A healthy alternative with less oil and guilt. Fried chicken but not deep fried. Surprisingly it was good, juicy and tender inside with crispy skin. Come with steamed fragrant rice and coleslaw.

After all the heavy intake of protein and carb, everyone wanted something light and sweet. So we ordered a serving of ice-cream for sharing. Now who got the cherry on top?? No prize for correct guessing. ^^

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mid-week off

It was a day off last Wednesday for Jan and Jay as it was the Mid-Autumn celebration. Most Chinese schools took 1 day off for the festival.

I am kind of like a mid-week off. 2 days school, 1 day off and another 2 days school before the weekend. Anyway, there would be a week long school holiday next week due to Deepavali. So, I am stuck with kids more then. Not that I am complaining but I can't handle the stress level when 3 of them are together. ^^

Jamie had class last Wednesday. Luckily he did not complained about that since his siblings could snug in bed while he had to go to school.

Before went to pick him up from school, we went to this food court for our early lunch. We were sitting in the roofted corridor in between Borneo One Street Corner and River Park Food Court. I love the fact that you could order from both sides without restriction other than you have to order drinks on which side of the table you are at.

The kids have butter chicken rice each (RM6.00) from Borneo One Street Corner.

I didn't feel like having rice that day.

I wanted something flavourful so I went for China No 1 Ramen stall in River Park Food Court.  Many choice to choose from such as beef, lamb but I went for pork belly ramen (RM8.00).

Soon, my ramen was served with a spicy and peppery chilli oil dipping which went well with the pork belly.

The pork belly was thick yet tender. The soup was sweet and flavourful. It was not too thick for me. Some may like the broth to be thick but not me. It wasn't too strong for me. The ramen was not too soft; just nice.

I did enjoyed my lunch with my kids that morning.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Light bites

We were here again when a holiday fell on a Friday.

Cheat day when it was a holiday. Gone was the diet and self-control. Lol.

It was a holiday so we expected bug crowds in the pasar tani that evening. It was after 5pm and yet, many people strolling and checking through the stalls.

We had late lunch that day; after 3pm so we decided no cooking that evening. Instead we bought some snacks home from the pasar tani for supper. Some yummy light bites for everyone. Each has their own favourite and preference so we ended with so much snacks. Lol.

Cucur sayur and deep-fried sweet potato

Banana fritters and tapioca balls.

Keropok lekor

Sio bee (siew mai)

Yue tiaw

Want to guess which one is my favourite? Which one is yours?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Miscellaneous picture #71: raining season

Rain clouds

It is October and the raining season is here. It has rained a little unusual lately. The cloudy sky on us almost every day.

Raindrop on the rose

I don't mind the rain. The refreshing feel after the rain, the smell of the wet garden and sound of the rain drops.

Growing moss loves rain

Rain could be gentle for the soul as well as for the plants but sometime it could be so violent that it is tormenting for the roots.

Tree from a distant

It does feel good to have some sunshines every other day. Wish the raining season goes away faster this year but alas. It comes earlier so it would stay longer than usual.

Green lush

Be safe during the raining season.

Jewel-like drops on the window

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Feast of mooncakes

It has been raining pretty frequently over here. Look like the year end monsoon comes earlier this year. So it wasn't that easy to spot the moon in the clear night sky lately.

Last Saturday, we joined our local church's Mid-Autumn celebration.  It was our first time joining this annual event.  Surprisingly it was fun, especially for the children when they got to queue up and play some games to win prizes and walk around the premises holding their lighted lanterns under the cooling sky with hardly any sight of the moon.

Of course when it comes to Mid-Autumn, we must not leave out the mooncakes.  We bought some mooncakes to be shared last Saturday among the church members and families. And to our amazement, the whole tables were packed with many types of mooncakes. Some were bought and some were made by the church members. It was a feast of mooncakes for everyone.

Other than mooncakes, we had games, karaoke session, lantern riddles, chang-er prop photo corner, and everyone got to mingle around.

Sin Hian Chia that we bought from Emart

Lantern made from recycled stuff

Another recycled lanterns made from plastic bottles


Trying their hands on balls tossing


Displaying their lanterns

Actually it is not a customary for my family to have mooncake during this time of the year but if anyone is craving or requesting for it, then maybe we would get one or two to satisfy our tastebuds. It was so happened that I was in one of the supermarkets near my place few weeks ago and I spotted some Sin Hian Chia's mooncakes as well as other local brands' pastries.

In CS Minimart

In CS Minimart

More pastries


Traditional puff

Sin Hian Chia, the local traditional Chinese pastry, confectioneries, biscuits and mooncakes manufacturer and seller. Used to patronise the shop in Padungan road (next to Ihaw-Ihaw Pinoy, same row with Padungan police station) when I were younger. Loved its piah especially the sweet potato piah.

I can buy the mooncake individually rather than the whole box of 4 so after much thought, I went for 1 Golden Jade paste mooncake. Yup. Just one.

We ate it last week. Our first mooncake of the year before we joined in our church's Mid-Autumn gathering last Saturday.

Our precious-looking golden mooncake.  Lol.

Taste-wise it was alright but I don't really fancy sweet stuff, so I took a small slice of it.  Rather sweet to me. At least in line with our Chinese tradition, we enjoyed some mooncakes and celebrated it with others this year.

Just when I thought we have enough of mooncakes, hubby' staff and associates gave us some snowskin mooncakes. I love snowskin.

One gave us Yu-Ai mooncake set of red bean and durian snowskin mooncakes.

Another one is a homemade set of 4. Pandan and dragon fruit snowskin. Not that sweet. I like the pandan better. More flavourful than the dragon fruit.

Okay, I think I have enough of mooncakes to last me another year. Lol.

Happy Mid-Autumn!